How to Easily Earn Cash Back at the Grocery Store

How to Easily Earn Cash Back at the Grocery Store
How to Easily Earn Cash Back at the Grocery Store

Let’s be honest, groceries are expensive, and while shopping at multiple stores and clipping coupons works for some people, I personally find the time investment to not be worth it. If it’s worth it for you, awesome, but for me, it’s just not. Not to mention, most coupons that I’ve found are for processed foods, which we don’ eat. There are, however, some apps that I have downloaded that I do earn cash back from that are quick, easy, and simple to use.

IBotta- Ibotta is probably the most complicated of them all, but I also get the most cash back from them. With iBotta, once you download the app, you chose the store that you are shopping at from the list, scroll through the list of rebates, and unlock the ones that you are going to use. Usually, you have to watch a 20 second video to unlock the rebate. Then, you scan the bar code on the item to make sure that it matches the rebate. Some rebates are for a particular brand, some are for any brand of an item (milk, for example), and some are for fresh produce. You don’t need to scan the bar code for produce purchases. Then, you take a picture of your receipt and upload it. They verify it quickly, and credit you the money. You can get extra bonuses for completing certain tasks as well, and once you have $10 in your account you can cash out through paypal. Initially, I wasn’t making a lot of money here, but they have been adding more rebates for fresh produce lately, which has been awesome. My only real complaint is that the rebates are store specific, so I can’t upload a receipt for fresh produce from the local farm stand and earn cash back.

Checkout 51– Checkout 51 is, for the most part, good at any store. Once in a while they will have a store specific rebate. Here, you just click on the rebate, and upload your receipt for verification. You don’t have to scan bar codes or watch any videos, so it’s really easy. So, far, I haven’t made a ton of cash back because a lot of their rebates since I joined have been for household goods, but they do offer a choose your own rebate each week, where they give you a list of produce items, and you can earn $.25 back if you purchase one of the items on the list. So, I can get at least $.25 back each time I go to the store. It’s not incredible, but it helps. With them, once your account hits $20, you can request that they mail you a check.

Snap by Groupon– This is another one where you can shop at whatever store you want. You simply chose the rebate you want, add it to your list, and upload your receipt from the store. The catch with this one is that there is a limited number of rebates available, so occasionally, you might miss out on a rebate if you don’t claim it quickly enough. There isn’t a huge selection here yet, but it seems to be growing. Once you get $20 in your account, you can request a check from them.

Receipt Hog– Receipt Hog is really easy. You shop for anything at any store, and simply upload your receipt for coins. You get more coins for spending more money. Once you have 1000 coins, you can cash it in for money through paypal. It can take a while to build up coins, but you can get bonuses for uploading receipts for a certain number of weeks in a row.

Walmart Savings Catcher– Here you upload your receipt from Walmart, they compare what you bought to local ads, and if they find that you could have bought an item somewhere else for less money, they give you the difference. You can just transfer the money to a Walmart eCard for easy spending.

So, those are some easy ways to get cash back from the grocery store, and while we’re on the subject, I did want to mention Swagbucks. Swagbucks isn’t a cash back app, but it (can be) an easy way to make some cash online. They have lots of activities to earn swagbucks, like surveys, searching online through their search engine, or watching videos. You can earn swagbucks for shopping online, and the swagbucks can be redeemed for a bunch of different gift cards or paypal cash. (I like to cash mine in for amazon gift cards). Now, some of the activities can be really time-consuming, but they have a couple of different apps that can download to your phone, where you can watch videos, and earn swagbucks for it. So, I’ve been earning swagbucks on my phone, while writing this blog post. Easy peasy. I don’t break the bank that way, but I pay for most of my formula ingredients with money I’ve earned from Swagbucks. Some people make a lot of money through Swagbucks.

So, that’s my round-up. Do you have any that I missed?? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Please note: I do get rewards for a few of these apps if you sign up using the links provided.

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  1. Lindsey says:

    The money back from these options definitely adds up fast! And they’re very easy to use! I need to look into Swagbucks, I should have done this before holiday shopping.

    • Cavemom says:

      I earn the most from Swagbucks, but it can also be the most time consuming of the apps. It helps out our family a lot though, and I have heard of people that fund all of their Christmas shopping that way.

  2. Angie says:

    I love the Wal Mart Saving catcher! I just used my earnings to purchase my daughter’s new comforter. I love that even just a few cents add up. I used to coupon and shop several stores, but now I think my time is more valuable than that and, like you said, we eat mainly healthy non-processed food so coupons are harder to find. I will check out a couple of these though to see how they work for me. Thank you!

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